Change Android IMEI with Mobile Uncle Tool..(Tweaking).

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Tweaks are any small modifications intended to improve a system.
Lets Start:

  • Download the Mobile Uncle App from play store Here 
  • Install, Open it up and go to Engineering Mode
  • Select Engineer Mode [MTK] 

  • Swipe to the right and select CDS Information
  • Select Radio Information.
  • Phone 1 represents sim 1 and Phone 2 sim 2. So Tap Phone 2, you will see a command line like this=>AT+
Now just add this line to it EGMR=1,10,”15 digit Imei No you generated” and hit SEND AT COMMAND. E.g If you are to change that of sim 1 the command should look exactly like this AT+EGMR=1,7″imei No generated”  
While Sim 2 should be AT+EGMR=1,10″imei No generated”
And you are done. Reboot your phone and check the imei using *#06#


While changing your imei, should you get any response like; “command is not allowed in user build”. After clicking on COMMAND, instead of the normal “Command is sent!” Don’t panic. 

Just add one space between the AT+ and EGMR… That is AT+ space EGMR… Or just copy and paste this: AT+ EGMR=1,7,”IMEI Num”  Then replace IMEI Num with the imei you generated.

Now you can restart the phone and check
the IMEI by pressing *#06#