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Top 10 reasons why you need to have your own website

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 If you want to be taken seriously online, you need to have your own website. It is a tool that you can use to build-up a following, sell products, and earn a reputation.
  If you want to be taken seriously online, you need to have your own website. It is a tool that you can use to build-up a following, sell products, and earn a reputation.

Successful entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Craig Newmark (Craigslist), and Sean Parker (Spotify) all started out with just a website. Here are 10 reasons for why having this type of online presence rocks.

A Website Can Turn You Into an Expert

If you have a website that focuses on a particular niche, it builds your credibility as an expert on this topic. It doesn’t even matter if you lack the right academic credentials, the fact that you are writing regularly on this subject is evidence that you know what you are talking about. If you manage to build a large readership, you can make money by writing books related to your niche – you may even be invited to speak as an expert at conferences and seminars. Leo Babauta began blogging about productivity tips back in 2007 on his website Zen Habits, and he is now considered one of the top self-help gurus on the planet.


It Can Demonstrate Your Passion to Potential Employers and Clients

Having a website related to your career or business makes you more credible. It shows that you are passionate about what you do. It can mean that you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs because you can prove your commitment to your career. Your website can also provide reassurance to potential clients that you are serious about your work.


You Can Use a Website to Showcase Your Talent

It is now common for creative people to use their website as a type of portfolio. It is a convenient way to showcase your work, and it means you can take advantage of web design to really highlight your talent. The nice thing about having an online portfolio is it can be so easy to keep up-to-date. It means that you never again have to worry about losing an opportunity because you didn’t have your portfolio with you – with a website, you only need to give people the name of the link.


It Can Increase Your Employment Opportunities

There are many examples of people who have been headhunted for jobs because of their website – it is becoming increasingly common. The exciting thing about having this type of online base is you never know who is going to be reading your content. If you impress the right people, they may seek you out and offer you some new opportunities – it could be an easy way to land your dream job.

You Can Launch a Business on a Shoestring

It doesn’t cost much to launch a business online – all you really need is a website and a system for collecting money. This means that practically anyone can become an entrepreneur because the financial cost of entering the market is so low. Mark Zuckerberg started up Facebook in his dorm room, and the company didn’t cost much to run in the beginning.

You Can Promote Your Business Products or Services Cheaply

A website is the most cost-effective way to promote your products and services. You can potentially reach millions of people from all around the globe. This type of exposure would cost a fortune using traditional advertising, but it costs very little to launch a website as a promotional tool.

You Can Develop Your Creativity with a Website

The most effective way to nurture your creativity is to express it. If you are a writer, you can create a blog on your website and commit to adding new content every week. If you are an artist or musician, you can commit to adding a certain number of new pieces every month. This means that the act of maintaining your website can give you the opportunity to express your talent on a regular basis. Creativity can be a bit like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.


It is an Effective Way to Become More Knowledgeable

If you are going to be regularly writing about a topic, it is going to increase your knowledge of this subject. This is an effective learning strategy, and it can be useful if you are studying for an exam or just trying to broaden your education. If you want your website to be popular, you are probably going to need to provide the latest research and ideas about your niche topic – this means that your website can act as a strategy for life-long learning.

You Can Make a Small Business Appear Much Bigger

“If Google teaches you anything, it’s that small ideas can be big.”
Ben Silbermann (Pinterest)

A professionally designed website can create the impression that your business is well-established and prosperous – it doesn’t matter if you are working from your bedroom. This ability to make a small business appear much bigger gives you the opportunity to really make a dent in the marketplace.


Isn’t it time that you enjoyed some of the many benefits of having a website? Wouldn’t you benefit from a dedicated platform where you could express your creativity and share your thoughts? The online world is a wonderful source of opportunity, but you need to have a presence in order to get noticed.