Best E-Voting System In Accra, Ghana


iNSTAVOTE is a USSD and web voting service provided by Edotech Solutions to promote fast and convenient voting. The service includes a USSD and web voting platform and a portal that allows admins to manage events or awards

Cast Multiple Votes (Bundle Voting)

iNSTAVOTE has a feature that allows multiple voting, also known as bundle voting. With iNSTAVOTE, you can cast multiple votes in a single action.

Real-time Monitoring

With iNSTAVOTE, competition organizers can monitor in real-time the number of votes coming in, and also have a detailed report on revenue in real-time

Clients voting app & web page

All events or awards voting are on the same platform, so there is no need to have different shortcodes for different events.

Reporting & Statistics

iNSTAVOTE has a detailed dashboard where competition organizers can download detailed analytics and reports for various events.

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